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Supply Market and Competitive Intelligence Research Services

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Supply Market and Competitive Intelligence Research Services

Cottrill Research provides supply market and competitive intelligence research services. It was founded on two simple guiding principles: 1) the quality of research provided is determined by the quality of resources used, and 2) quality information does not always have to be expensive.

Researching markets and competitors in today’s ecosystem-driven environment requires a constant change of mindset. Optimal supply market research now includes a competitor-focused component for a comprehensive understanding of markets. Tapping into innovative performance and/or potential in suppliers and markets provides insight into how the entire competitive environment is changing and that is a key strategic advantage.

Cottrill Research helps organizations examine the markets in which competitors and suppliers operate by supplying research directly, or by advising on recommended resources for internal departments to use themselves. Research resources are utilized and recommended based on the understanding that clean, quality information plays a critical role in any decision-making process.

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The Value of Cottrill Research

Cottrill Research can help you when you have a one-time research project or need ongoing research or consultation services.

Intelligence that Cottrill Research provides:

  • Identify and analyze top competitors, emerging innovators, and emerging ecosystems in any market
  • Best practices research including case studies and benchmarking
  • Monitoring of markets, suppliers, and competitors
  • Detailed company/supplier research

Cottrill Research focuses on:

  • Delivering customized data that is specific to your need only (no re-used or canned data)
  • Aggregating information to aid in decision support
  • Providing decision-oriented data analyses that are cost-effective and time-sensitive