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Hello, I’m Jeanette Jones

The founder of Cottrill Research, bringing you 25+ years of experience in corporate business and strategic sourcing research services. Throughout my career, I've worked closely with renowned companies, establishing research functions and delivering valuable services. I've also had the privilege of sharing my expertise in research and information literacy at various academic institutions. As a co-author of "Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals," I provide resource guidance for supply markets research. With a Master of Library Science degree from Kent State University, my passion lies in sharing insights and fostering knowledge exchange.

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IEA Publishes Inaugural Edition of Critical Minerals Market Review and Announces Data Explorer Tool

Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released the inaugural edition of the Critical Minerals Market Review 2023, which provides valuable information on the critical minerals sector in 2022. It focuses…

News Sites That Are Blocking OpenAI’s GPTBot has done a study to determine how websites have responded since OpenAI shared details, earlier this month, on how to block its GPTBot. To identify which sites blocked GPTBot…

Resources and Tools for Measuring Freight Energy Efficiency and Emissions Output

According to the EPA, shipments of U.S. goods will grow 23.5% by 2025, and 45% by 2040. During this same time freight air emissions will exceed all other transportation activity…

Supply Market and Competitive Intelligence Research Resources


ProcureSearch is an updated online guide that offers a comprehensive list of procurement research resources, including direct and indirect spend categories, risk discovery sources, and professional development materials. The selected resources prioritize high-quality content, value, and procurement-centric information with an emphasis on professional development and thought leadership. ProcureSearch also focuses on third-party content providers and excludes offerings from broader supplier and procurement management providers.

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Supply Market Indexes

Indexes play a crucial role in supply market intelligence research by offering data benchmarks for measuring price fluctuations, quantity and production of goods and services, global economies, and indicators of geopolitical, environmental, and supplier risks. To access the most up-to-date data, click on the relevant category and select the desired index listing, which will directly take you to the live website or source.

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Market Landscapes

Landscape maps are valuable tools for identifying innovative startups in tech-forward markets, exploring potential suppliers, partners, and competitors. The collection of maps covers various supply chain, procurement, and direct and indirect spend categories/markets. While many maps are freely accessible, some may require a subscription. To access the latest data, click on the relevant category and select the desired map listing, which will direct you to the live website or source.

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Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals

Authored by Jeanette Jones and Kelly Barner

Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals: Research, Process, and Resources provides procurement professionals with the process, skills, and resources to develop a supply market intelligence program that will deliver value to the organization as a whole. The authors, Jeanette Jones and Kelly Barner, clearly explain each of the concepts introduced and then provide the background and steps required to make execution possible.

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