ITA Launches Open Access Tool That Explores Top Markets for Environmental Technologies

On April 10, 2024, U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA) launched its U.S. Environmental Technologies Top Export Market Rankings tool, which is open access.

The tool explores the top markets for environmental technologies, ranked in order of most likely for export success potential and combines trade data, market research, and exporting tips all in one place.

ITA categorizes environmental technologies into three subsectors: air pollution monitoring and control, water and wastewater treatment, and waste management and recycling.

Not only does ITA go into detail about the top ranked countries, but dashboards showing market receptiveness indicators and export trends are available for all international trade markets (countries). There are 253 in total. As an example, here is the dashboard for Canada:

The top countries ranked include:

#1 Canada (Mature)

#2 Mexico (Emerging)

#3 China (Emerging)

#4 Germany (Mature)

#5 Japan (Mature)

#6 France (Mature)

#7 United Kingdom (Mature)

Bonus: Brazil (Emerging)

Bonus: India (Emerging)

Bonus: Indonesia (Emerging)

The detailed profile for each top ranking country has sections that include Market Overview, Market Opportunities (by each subsector) and Market Challenges. In addition, there are helpful related resource links for that particular county. They are organized by ITA Resources, Environmental Technologies Industry Resources, Energy Industry Resources, U.S. Government Resources, and that particular country’s government resources.  

Image by DragonDash from Pixabay

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