Plonked Launches a Free Business Discovery Search Engine


Search and analysis company Plonked has announced the launch of a free “advanced search engine that significantly improves users’ ability to discover, analyze and connect with tech companies.” According to the news release:

Businesses are more connected than ever before. They exist in a complex ecosystem, leveraging tools and services from various companies, going to market with a multitude of partners and reaching customers via multiple channels. These relationships not only provide great insight into how companies are positioned and their brand value and growth rate, but they also enable the creation of a relevancy-ranked business information graph analogous to Google’s view of the web. “Thus dawns the first search engine for companies, Plonked,” explained Plonked Founder and CEO Ankur Varma. “The business network we have created is already yielding fascinating metrics, such as the average separation of 3.5 degrees for most tech companies. In other words, even the most obscure small businesses are in fact connected to the other 24 million businesses in the United States in just 3 to 4 hops.”

Plonked provides a number of unique benefits:

  • Simple search interface: search using natural language
  • Powerful company dashboard: displaying quick facts, connections, similar companies and news
  • Business health metrics to more effectively analyze and compare companies
  • An explorer that provides a comprehensive view of a company’s ecosystem, including similar companies, customers, partners and vendors

The search engine is available now and “will broaden its reach in the future, enabling the search and exploration of all companies and industries.”

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