Resource of the Week: Kompass

Kompass is a free worldwide directory of business and commercial companies, representing over 56,000 products and services that can be used for supplier discovery. Kompass features a unique classification system, which is more detailed than SIC, to help you target specific companies/suppliers more easily. The Kompass classification is available in 68 countries and is translated into 24 languages. It is divided into 67 activity sectors split in 15 groups. These groups (categories) are: Agriculture and Food; Business Services; Construction; Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Plastics; Education, Training, and Organizations; Electrical, Electronics, and Optical; Energy; IT and Internet; Metals, Machinery, and Engineering; Paper, Printing and Publishing; Tourism and Leisure; Transport and Logistics; Retail and Traders; Textiles; and Minerals. You can browse the classification scheme (on home page scroll down to “Kompass Tools”) or enter a search term to begin, and then search by location to narrow results.

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