Cottrill Research, LLC

Supply Market Intelligence

What exactly is supply market intelligence (SMI)? Here is the most thorough definition:

Supply market intelligence is created when external information is collected and analyzed to form actionable conclusions that affect a company’s ability to strategically locate, secure, and manage sources of supply (Barner and Jones).

The importance of SMI has emerged over the years as globalization has spotlighted the need to understand all risks associated with the supply chain. This has led to a more focused examination of supplier intelligence and the need to understand the markets and industries in which suppliers are operating.

For strategic sourcing, supply chain, and procurement initiatives, SMI is a widely recognized strategic component. Professionals, both in large and small organizations find SMI challenging because of the valuable time it takes to gather information and the high cost involved with purchasing resources. To help organizations tackle these challenges, Cottrill Research 1) takes advantage of open access resources and uses only the highest quality fee-based resources always with an eye for value, and 2) utilizes and teaches key skills of performing research.