Business Leaders Involved with Environmental Sustainability Initiatives Provide Sentiment on Current State

The inaugural edition of the Honeywell Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) introduces the Sentiment Index, which is “a global sampling of over 600 business leaders directly involved in their organization’s environmental sustainability (ES) initiatives.” It measures “their perception on how well their organization has performed in achieving its goals over the past year and expectations for the year ahead.” This open access resource is produced quarterly by Honeywell in partnership with Futurum Research.

Three interesting highlights:

It is perceived that “sustainability leads all other corporate initiatives.” The business leaders surveyed cited achieving sustainability goals as “prioritized ahead of financial performance, digital transformation, and market growth over the coming six months.” The Top Corporate Initiatives (in the coming 6 months) are ranked as:

  1. Sustainability Goals
  2. Financial Performance
  3. Digital Transformation
  4. Market Growth
  5. Workforce/Talent Dev
  6. Customer Experience
  7. Business Continuity
  8. Security & Trust

Barriers keeping organizations from successfully achieving their ES goals in the next six months include by rank: 1) Pandemic-related Issues,  2) Budget & Resources, 3) Staffing & Talent Availability, 4) Supply Chain, 5) Political, Reg, Compliance, 6) Exec Leadership, Support, and 7) Partners, Providers.

Organizations are choosing process over technology. “Even as a majority of organizations anticipate increased budgets for ES across all four categories [in the report – Energy Evolution & Efficiency, Emissions Reduction, Pollution Prevention, and Circularity & Recycling] organizations are primarily leveraging process-driven change to achieve their near-term goals, electing to defer technology investments for the future.”

The report breaks down and shows detailed findings on each of the four categories, providing an opportunity for organizations to benchmark their perception of ES adoption efforts. The link to the full report can be found here.

Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay

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