Cottrill Research, LLC

Cottrill Research provides research services with a specialization on competitive and supply market intelligence.

Our key services include:

Research and Analysis

Cottrill Research provides customized research. Each report is tailored to meet the specialized intelligence need(s) of your business. Competitive advantage is difficult to achieve if you are using the same research as everyone else. Ms. Jones’ utilizes her deep knowledge of both commercial databases and open access research resources to ensure that the highest quality of information is delivered in the most cost effective manner possible.


Having Cottrill Research monitor your competitors, suppliers, and the market(s) that your business operates in, is an easy and cost effective way to stay up-to-date. Update reports are provided as often as requested, with the most common time frame being every two weeks. The value of receiving monitoring updates becomes evident immediately as you see, with each update, how quickly key events and developments materialize in markets that are continuously fluid.

Research Resource Selection Consultation

Perhaps your business wants to perform its own intelligence gathering and monitoring. Cottrill Research will investigate, recommend, and train interested participants on the best resources to use to fit the intelligence need, and the most effective way to search and access the information.

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How Cottrill Research Can Help You

Cottrill Research will tailor services to suit your needs and your budget. After an initial consultation, you’ll receive a defined project cost so you can budget for your needs.


Call Cottrill Research When:

  • You have a one-time research project
  • You need ongoing consultation
  • You need ongoing intelligence on the key events of your suppliers and/or competitors
  • You need training on how to perform quality research and how to select and use the best resources based on your specific need


Sample List of Customized Research

Here is a sample list of intelligence Cottrill Research can supply:

  • Identify and analyze top competitors or suppliers
  • Best practices research including lessons learned and case studies
  • Supplier and competitor landscape in specific markets
  • Spend analysis and cost reduction strategies
  • Performance measurement/Benchmarking
  • Benchmark pricing
  • Monitoring of markets and supplier/competitor events
  • Key market trends and data
  • Category management strategy

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