Capacity to Combat Corruption Index Launched

Americas Society/Council of the Americas and Control Risks recently announced the launch of the Capacity to Combat Corruption (CCC) Index. This new resource assesses Latin American countries’ capacity to uncover, punish and deter corruption. A country with a higher score is more likely to prosecute and punish corrupt actors. The country with the highest overall score is Chile followed by Brazil, then a tie between Colombia and Argentina. Next is Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, and last, Venezuela.

Image Credit: Capacity to Combat Corruption Index

Fourteen variables are used to determine the scoring. These are grouped into three subcategories: 1) legal capacity, 2) democracy and political institutions, and 3) civil society, media and the private sector. The full report provides analysis of each country in the Index and highlights critical issues that will be monitored. The Index will be updated annually.

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