Corbus and LexisNexis: A Market Intelligence Collaboration

Corbus, founded in 1994, is an Information Technology, Sourcing and Procurement services provider which is based in Dayton, Ohio. They have just announced that they are collaborating with LexisNexis and will be delivering two of their supplier intelligence and monitoring products. Lexis Diligence allows buyers to perform searches “on potential or current suppliers focusing on news and business information, sanctions, watch lists, politically exposed persons, litigation history, public records and more.” LexisNexis SmartWatch is a tool that provides risk awareness “with visual dashboards and alerts that proactively monitor thousands of global suppliers across risk categories.” LexisNexis also is based in Dayton, Ohio. SmartWatch and Diligence are fairy new offerings targeted specifically for supply intelligence research. In the past, LexisNexis has been strongly associated with the legal and business research markets. Digital Journal picked up the story from

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