Crunchbase Launches Marketplace and Accelerates Vision to “Become the Single Source of Truth About Companies on the Internet”

Crunchbase is a popular company database used for innovation discovery. It offers free information and Enterprise and Pro versions that allow for advanced searching, market trend analytics, and the ability to track industries, people, companies, and investors. Crunchbase recently announced the launch of Crunchbase Marketplace, an app store that gives users the ability to add additional best-in-class data directly from other data providers. According to a Crunchbase blog post, they partnered with specialized primary source data providers to expand the breadth and depth of the data in their platform. Crunchbase will continue to maintain core company data, and users can now “augment their data with new sources à la carte.”

According to CEO Jager McConnell: “Crunchbase Marketplace accelerates our vision to become the single source of truth about companies on the internet…By partnering to unify the data of top tier providers on our platform, we’re empowering our 39 million users to use the data that is most important to them when researching companies.”

The Marketplace features apps from companies like SimilarWeb, Apptopia, BuiltWith, IPQwery, Siftery, Bombora, Owler, Financial Content, TradingView, Enigma, Wayback Machine, SEMRush, Aberdeen, and Wikipedia.

New company information available through the Marketplace will include:
Web traffic statistics
Tech stack info
Mobile app install metrics
Revenue and IT purchasing budget data
Trending product usage
Purchase intent data
Patent and trademark filings
Stock quotes and market indicators
Government filings and contracts

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