Deloitte 2014 Industry Outlook: Challenges, Trends, and Strategies

“Rapid change rules the business landscape. But for organizations that are willing to take on challenges and leverage disruptive trends, the outlook for 2014 is positive.” Innovative minds from Deloitte provide guidance for various industries. Here is a sampling of industries covered:

Aerospace and Defense – “Shifting defense spending and opportunities in new markets may require life cycle cost reduction and business model transformation.” – Tom Captain

Consumer Products – “With consumers increasingly embracing technology to shop, digital commerce has the potential to transform the industry.” – Pat Conroy

Federal Government – “Forward-thinking leaders are re-examining how their resources are managed and deployed, and they are embracing — or expanding — exciting innovations such as mobile, social media, crowd-sourcing, geospatial visualization and gamification.” – Janet Foutty

Life Sciences – “2014 is anticipated to be a positive year for U.S. life sciences companies, as they continue to obtain greater clarity on Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation and its impacts, become increasingly better at capitalizing on emerging market opportunities, and incorporate real-world evidence into their strategic thinking and decision-making.” – Terry Hisey

Technology – “Mixed global demand due to ongoing economic uncertainties, an emerging class of patent pirates and new avenues to raise capital are among trends facing the technology industry in the coming year.” – Eric Openshaw

Telecommunications – “Continued, robust growth in connectivity demand, persistent security challenges, and continuing innovation in devices and services are among the trends facing the telecommunications industry in the coming year.” – Craig Wigginton

Travel, Hospitality and Leisure – “Looking into 2014, the travel, hospitality and leisure (THL) sector outlook remains positive due to improving demand side drivers. While there is potential for renewed growth both domestically and internationally, companies should consider ways to effectively leverage the power of technology to enhance customer experience.” – Adam Weissenberg

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