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Directworks Provides Highlights from ISM2015 for Manufacturers

Directworks Provides Highlights from ISM2015 for Manufacturers

If you are associated with manufacturing and were not able to attend ISM2015 in Phoenix a couple weeks ago, you are in luck because Directworks has provided a “recap of some of the most relevant sessions and discussions for the manufacturing industry.” Highlights of the highlights:

“In the opening session, Conrad Smith of Adobe Systems… The transformational journey to becoming a strategic and trusted partner begins with asking yourself one simple question… ‘Is my sourcing organization built from the top down or the bottom up?’”

“…the most critical takeaway from [the data analytics] tract is that your data analytics approach or program needs to be driven by the way you are going to use the data.”

Sankalp Navjivan, Global Director, Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain at MSA Safety shared insights on turning supplier management teams into trusted partners: it starts at the top; center-led, not centralized; collaboration must be mastered; and technology is a must.

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