DueDil Strong on Ownership and Director Data, Search Capabilities, and Easy Integration

DueDil is a company headquartered in London that was founded in 2011. DueDil provides real time intelligence on companies in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, with nine European countries being added starting with France in Q3. DueDil considers itself a technology company first and foremost, not necessarily a data company. DueDil’s company intelligence is powered by the DueDil Business Information Graph (B.I.G.), which shows over 200 million connections between companies and provides powerful insights. Approximately 25+ different sources are used and you are able to drill back to original sources.

To find companies, over 100 different search filters are available that allow you to create highly customized lists. The most impressive part of the filtering process involves the attention given to industry identification. As I have written before, companies emerging today do not nicely fit within standard industry coding. DueDil, realizing the importance of properly classifying industries and markets, has created its own set of industry keywords. They are also rolling out improvements, such as a keyword confidence level slider, so for example, you can filter your results with keywords of 90% relevancy. They are also in the process of coding these keywords, so they are building their own fluid industry classification made from their keywords. Also impressive are the ownership filters. DueDil is quite strong in allowing for ownership filtering. You can also layer on detailed financials information, including balance sheet figures and you can look at ratios, turnover estimates, and calculated growth figures. You can search by outstanding charges and via imports and exports.

Company and Director profiles are extremely comprehensive, with the company profiles allowing you to display graphs on the fly. The Director profile is exhaustive, allowing you to link a director to all business dealings he/she has been involved with throughout time. The ability to link all possible name variations in case someone is trying to hide previous bad dealings is provided. You can link to identified related directors so you understand the totally of a director’s network. Total ownership data is also covered. Once a company has a UK or Republic of Ireland based entity, DueDil is able to map an entire company for ownership data with the ability to graph out maps. Using Bank of China Limited as an example, DueDil was able to map out the entire corporate structure.

Another powerful feature is the ability to run analytics on your company’s customer/supplier base to pull insights via saved lists, which can be monitored or you can you can integrate DueDil’s API into your workflow immediately.

Thank you, Sean Gill, for the impressive demo.

Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

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