Global Manufacturing Outlook: Deeper Emphasis on Collaboration With Partners and Suppliers

The new 2013 Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by KPMG, entitled “Global Manufacturing Outlook – Competitive Advantage: Enhancing Supply Chain Networks For Efficiency and Innovation,” has been released. Key findings from the report are:

  • Global manufacturers are increasing transaction activity to take advantage of growth opportunities in global markets, while reassessing operations and product portfolios to control costs.
  • Companies are viewing their channel partners as more of a “network” which is critical to achieving a “demand-driven” supply chain, i.e. one that provides a real-time view to total demand, supply, and capacity  information.
  • Visibility is the new watchword in supply chain optimization and a major opportunity for many companies.
  • Increasingly, companies are placing the supply chain at the center of their strategies to innovate.
  • Companies see value in both breakthrough and incremental innovation to stay competitive.
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