How Knowledge Management Ensures Supply Market Intelligence

An excerpt from our upcoming book, Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals: Research, Process, and Resources, was posted by my co-author Kelly Barner of Buyers Meeting Point, and published in’s IMT Procurement Journal.

The excerpt focuses on the importance of knowledge management in regards to supply market intelligence. Here is a paragraph from the excerpt:

There are many opportunities for procurement to build positive relationships through supply market intelligence, and the manager of knowledge-based documentation is critical to the effort. A number of business functions, in addition to executive leadership and external supply partners, will see great value in being able to access and even contribute to the supply market intelligence that procurement creates and documents.

Our new book is a guide on how to develop, execute, and maintain a supply market intelligence program and a reference source for identifying the best resources to use when researching specific markets and suppliers. Kelly and I are very proud of the book and share the vision that supply market intelligence is the key to improving procurement’s performance. It is being published by J. Ross and will be available in October.

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