IBISWorld Procurement Research Reports

Since 1971, IBISWorld has been publishing high-quality industry research reports. These reports have always been comprehensive and up-to-date and are helpful in discovering current and forecast industry performance, changing trends, operating conditions and supply chain linkages. In addition to the industry reports, the “Industry Risk Rating Reports” determine how much risk an industry will face over the next 18 months and the “Business Environment Reports” highlight factors of risk including exchange rate, commodity prices, weather conditions and government.

Early in 2013, IBISWorld created the Procurement Research Division, which publishes reports that cover a multitude of indirect purchasing lines. These detailed reports, ranging from 15-20 pages, cover product/service pricing dynamics, product characteristics that affect the purchasing decision, supplier benchmarking and supply chain risks, and negotiation questions and tactics. The reports get updated 1-3 times a year, and for some, depending on the industry, 6-7 times a year. The coverage is quite comprehensive with an impressive amount of purchasing lines being represented. The first page of a report, “At a Glance,” provides the recent price, forecast price, market characteristics, market risk, benchmark price, key price drivers, major vendors, vendor cost benchmarks and the Buyer Power Score. (All of this in an easy to digest format.) The Buyer Power Score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 signifying low buyer power and 5 meaning high buyer power. More buyer power means greater leverage to negotiate lower prices and better contract terms. To view a report, click here and then select “View Sample Report.” The sample report is “IBISWorld Procurement Report – National Trucking Services.” Also, the Table of Contents is below (click on image to make it larger).

The reports can be purchased individually or through subscription.


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