Jvion Launches AI-Driven COVID Vaccination Prioritization Index

Accross the states, there has been widespread reporting on the slow rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations. One problem, according to Reuters, is the challenge of organizing and delivering vaccines to smaller clinics and pharmacies rather than just to larger medical facilities and retail pharmaceutical chains. “Less than half of the nearly 38 million vaccine doses shipped to date by the federal government have actually made it into the arms of Americans…Some individual states have lagged behind with just a third or 40% of their vaccine allotments being administered.” CDC’s COVID Data Tracker shows West Virginia and North Dakota have so far administered the most doses of vaccinations received.

In an effort to help get vaccines to those who are most vulnerable and need them the most, clinical AI intelligence provider Jvion has launched its new COVID Vaccination Prioritization Index, which is an update to its COVID Community Vulnerability Map. The Index uses artificial intelligence “to help guide vaccine distribution to patient populations most at risk.” Using CDC’s recommendations for who should be prioritized, the Index takes into account “how prevalent comorbidities that could increase the risk of COVID-19 complications are in a given community, the proportion of the population there over age 65, the number of people who work in jobs that put them at higher risk of exposure, and other social determinant and environmental factors.”

The COVID Community Vulnerability and Vaccine Prioritization Map displays COVID Vaccine Prioritization for communities as well as their Community Vulnerability. COVID Vulnerability is based on the likelihood the individuals will experience severe outcomes if infected with COVID. Both insights (Prioritization and Vulnerability) identify the socioeconomic factors driving the risk.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

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