Overview of Graphiq's Business Intelligence Portal, FindTheCompany

Vertical search engine provider, Graphiq, offers FindTheCompany, which is a business intelligence portal with product, competitor, supplier, and financial performance data on over 32M U.S. companies. This is part of Graphic’s introduction of a new line of data visualization products. Part of their mission is to turn complicated data into contextually-rich visualizations and knowledge products. Everything is built around Graphiq’s knowledge graph, which “relies on thousands of public and private data sources and a dedicated team of 60+ researchers and data scientists who continuously maintain, relate, and develop it.”

There are few things that make FindTheCompnay intriguing and worthy of further investigation. First, it can be used as both a supplier discovery and supplier diligence tool. It is much stronger, at this point, as a discovery tool. For diligence, it does provide a very important data point – sales volume – for both public and private companies. This is a mostly open access resource, meaning the basic information is free of fees and subscription restrictions. Also, it is refreshing to see the quality of the data source providers used, such as Dun & Bradstreet, Neustar Localeze, HG Data, Xignite Financial Services, Securities and Exchange Commission, USASpending.gov, VentureDeal, and National Venture Capital Association. In addition, a wide range of products and services are included in the portal.

FindTheCompany allows you to search, filter, and compare location, employee size, and sales volume data points side by side. To start, for supplier discovery, you select “Companies and Organizations” under “Recommended.” Product keyword searching is available and you can also use the industry subcategory dropdowns, which drill down three levels. For example, for the Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing category, the second tier subcategories are Agriculture Production-Crops; Agricultural Production-Livestock and Animal Specialties; Agricultural Services; Forestry; and Fishing, Hunting and Trapping. The third tier categories break down even further. For example, Agricultural Production-Crops breaks down into over 20 farms (Wheat, Rice, Corm Soybeans, Cotton as examples of a few). Other main categories include Mining; Construction; Manufacturing; Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, and Sanitary Services; Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade; Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate, Services; and Public Administration. You can limit by geography, sales, total employees, and type of office (Branch, HDQ, or single location). You can also search by company name.

The Company Research section allows you to search Public Company Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Nonprofits, Executives, Initial Public Offerings, Private Equity Venture Capital Firms, Cash Flow Statements, and Stock Market Indices, to name a few.

FindTheCompany is worth keeping an eye on and has the potential to be a very valuable tool that compliments other discovery/diligence resources on hand, especially when used to find sales volume for private companies.

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