PrivCo 100: The Top Privately-Held Companies in the U.S.

PrivCo, a provider of private company financial information “screened through its proprietary Private Company Financial Database with information on 675,000+ private companies to rank the top 100 privately-held companies in the United States based on 2013 revenue.” Highlights of key findings:

“Not being public has not held back top privates with strong competitive advantages: Manufacturing and Materials were significantly represented in the PrivCo 100 because of their economies of scale, strategic importance to the broader economy, and the prevalence of project financing for larger capital projects, which has made the public markets less attractive….The largest private companies usually enjoy the following characteristics: incumbency, adequate access to capital and competitive advantage from operations.”

“The top 3 privately-held companies in the PrivCo 100 were: Cargill Incorporated, Koch Industries, and State Farm Insurance with a cumulative revenue of over $300 Billion.”

“Distributors, including grocers, truck stops and travel agencies, as well as Insurance account for seven of the top 15 private companies. In general, these firms have been able to secure strategic positions in their marketplaces and have strong first-mover advantages. Procurement patterns have evolved around them as they provide essential services, so they have faced little threat of disruption.”

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