Quick Take: Market and Competitive Intelligence Trends 2017

Acrasio, a change management consultancy, provides a snapshot of 9 market and competitive intelligence trends for 2017. These, in particular, stand out (directly quoted):

Challenge Market Data – Companies increasingly rely on their own market models and calculations to determine market size and market shares. Studies organized by industry associations, or by multiple clients with unchecked self-reporting are increasingly being challenged for efficacy.

Use Globalisation Opportunities – Companies are diversifying their office locations throughout multiple countries. A trend can thus be determined, that employees within local companies are becoming increasingly involved in market intelligence activities as either an interface, or information supplier for corporate HQ´s.

Get Rid of the Rubbish – Reduce to the Max – In companies, there is often a discrepancy between information overload and the insights needed. For this reason, companies are questioning and eliminating existing CI formats (reports, newsletters, etc.). Subsequently, the focus is on high-quality analysis and fewer reports.

Use Smart Data – Approaches In the big data area, smart applications are being developed, which automate past manual activities or gather new insights through the intelligent connection of databases. Smart Data is the interplay between Data Analytics and the brainpower of the market- and competitive-intelligence experts.

Image credit: Acrasio via SlideShare

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