Resource of the Week: Dictionary of International Trade

Dictionary of International Trade: Handbook of the Global Trade Community 

World Trade Press, 2014, 11th Edition

The Dictionary of International Trade is an invaluable resource for learning about global trade. The book is actually one-third dictionary and two-thirds encyclopedia. Important features include: Security Section covering C-TPAT, FAST, PAPS, PARS, 24-Hour Rule and more; Guide to Outsourcing; Illustrated Guides to Ocean Freight Containers, Air Freight Containers, Truck Trailers, and Railcars; Supply Chain Security section; International Contracts; WTP Illustrated Guide to Incoterms® 2010; Guide to Cargo Insurance; and International Standards Organizations listing. The “Resources for International Trade” and “Web Resources” sections are particularly helpful with detailed, comprehensive listings of books, directories, periodicals, reports, and websites.

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