Spring 2018: New Indices and Categories Added to Supply Market Intelligence Collection


Please find listed below new indices added to the Supply market Intelligence Index Collection, along with two new categories. Also note that the collection can be accessed via the ProcureSearch hub.

*New Category* – Environmental Risk, Including Climate

FM Global Flood Map – a physically based map that provides a worldwide view of moderate- and high-hazard flood zones across the globe. You can type in your facility to see if it is located in a potential flood zone.

Global Climate Risk Index – The Global Climate Risk Index 2018 analyses to what extent countries have been affected by the impacts of weather-related loss events (storms, floods, heat waves etc.).

U.S. Drought Risk Atlas – The National Drought Mitigation Center Drought Atlas project provides historical drought information and a web-based tool to visualize and assess risk to drought by providing access to several different indices.

The Waffle House Index – After years of noting the resiliency of Waffle House restaurants, FEMA director Craig Fugate developed this index to quickly communicate the level of hurricane damage in an area: Green = offering a full menu; Yellow = serving a limited menu (reduced power or  limited food supply); Red = not operating.

*New Category* – Government Procurement

Onvia Government Contractor Confidence Index (GCCI) – a composite metric that describes the overall confidence that government contractors have in their ability to grow their public sector sales over the next 12 months.

Engineering and Construction

Ed Zarenski Construction Analytics – construction economics analyst, author, educator and presenter Ed Zarenski provides open access key construction economic statistics and data (with commentary) including updated versions of Construction Inflation Cost Index, PPI Construction Materials Inputs Index, and construction spending.


Ivey Purchasing Manager’s Index – is an economic index which measures the month to month variation in economic activity as indicated by a panel of purchasing managers from across Canada, and is prepared by the Ivey Business School.

NFIB Small Business Optimism Index – is a composite of ten indicators that provides a monthly, summary data point for the state of the small business economy (which is a coincident indicator of the national economy).

The PNC Christmas Price Index – shows the current cost for one set of each of the gifts given in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” It is similar to the U.S. Consumer Price Index, which measures the changing prices of goods and services.


Innovative Pharmaceuticals Risk/Reward Index – quantifies and ranks a country’s attractiveness in terms of its pharmaceuticals industry; it balances the Risks and Rewards of launching innovative medicines in different countries (BMI Research)

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