Strategy& 2015 Industry Perspectives Provides Forecasts for 16 Major Industries

Strategy&, formerly Booz & Company, has released its annual outlook on the major trends shaping 16 different industries. Strategy& 2015 Industry Perspectives “illuminate the most critical trends, challenges, and opportunities for business leaders and suggest that most companies will soon face disruption.” Here are the industries covered with directly quoted teasers:

Aerospace and defense – Aircraft makers and military contractors face starkly divergent business landscapes, but both sectors are potentially handicapped by fundamental threats.

Automotive – Even with recent global sales gains, automakers must navigate three powerful forces to build market share now and widen profits from their rapidly changing products.

Aviation – The airline industry is hampered by slim profit margins, forcing carriers to focus on both cost reduction and revenue growth through better customer interactions.

Chemicals – Chemicals companies can no longer afford to be passive about restructuring their business models or technological transformations.

Commercial transportation – Things are going so well for freight firms that it’s time to start worrying about the next real danger to the industry: 3D printing.

Consumer goods – As consumers, media, and markets splinter, packaged-goods companies must figure out how to profit from fragmentation.

Healthcare – Riding a wave of policy turmoil, consumer empowerment, and tightening margins, payors and providers have no choice but to go bold.

Industrials – Companies in the industrial sector continue to do well, but they must use their cash to boost digitization efforts and expansion strategies.

Oil and gas – Roiled by global economic turmoil, untamed competition, and mind-numbing price swings, energy companies must be bold about transforming their business models.

Passenger transportation – Facing the economic consequence of urban congestion and traffic jams, governments must make intelligent choices about infrastructure and land use.

Payments – The credit card sector is a large, growing, and profitable segment of financial services, but it must soon address four emerging challenges.

Retail – E-commerce is capturing almost all the gains in retail sales. Should you care?

Retail banking – This is the year when banks can differentiate themselves through customer-focused strategies.

Technology – Computer hardware and software firms must choose between profit margins and revenue growth while eyeing new delivery models.

Telecom – Wired and wireless carriers confront a rapidly shifting technology landscape in which small steps toward digitization are no longer enough.

Utilities – Companies in the utility sector should consider how to restructure financially, while navigating new regulations, distributed generation, and the evolving customer interface.

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