Survey Results: "Corporate Spending and Procurement Trends"

The Survey, “Corporate Spending and Procurement Trends – 2013,” conducted by Xchanging, found that firms will spend more in 2013 and are in pursuit of more strategic approaches to handle the spending. A sampling of key findings:

  • 67% of respondents said their company would spend more in 2013 compared to 2012
  • only 38% of respondents said their organization’s C-suite viewed sourcing and procurement as strategic to the business
  • 33% of individuals polled said their firm would increase investment in third party procurement services/outsourcing in 2013
  • 43% ranked Supplier Management as the top focus for 2013, followed by Category Management, which 21% ranked as the top priority

To view the report and all the survey results click here.

Source: Survey Finds U.S. Businesses Plan To Spend More In 2013 With Increases In Procurement Technology and Outsourcing Investment, Yahoo

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