Newly Developed Ukraine Corporate Index Tracks How Companies are Positioning Themselves in Response to Russian Invasion

The Good Lobby and Progressive Shopper have recently developed the Ukraine Corporate Index, which “regularly tracks corporations’ stance vis-à-vis Russia in the aftermath of its invasion of Ukraine.” Its purpose is “to inform investors, customers, and citizens about whether and how their companies and brands are positioning themselves in the ongoing conflict.”

Major multinational companies operating in the Russian market are identified and scored based on the company’s actions. Color coding indicates various status levels:


  • Statement – Public statement condemning Russia’s invasion
  • Relief – Temporary relief efforts mitigating the human suffering of refugees and others displaced by conflict


  • Market decision – Market decision entailing:
    • a. halt sales
    • b. halt production
    • c. halt provision of services to Russian state entities, state-owned companies, or beyond. This may be temporary, or indefinite / sine dia
  • Suspension – Suspension of collaboration (e.g. co-sharing, JV, etc)
  • De-investment


  • Whitewashing – Public statement of solidarity with Ukrainian population not followed up by any market decision
  • Complicity – Companies being complicit by providing services / products that enable the invasion, directly or indirectly (e.g. pursuit of operations, indirect operations, etc)

It’s made clear that the Index focuses exclusively on the companies’ efforts at limiting their presence on the Russian market (does not factor in different market structures). It is also acknowledged “that to leave the country is easier for some companies than others, it is ultimately up to each of them to determine whether and how to condemn the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through their market and non-market behaviour.”

The Index is organized in A-Z order by company name. Information provided on each company listed includes brands associated with, Index score, description of actions taken, source indicated, Twitter handle, industry in which it operates, and country. The Index is regularly updated, based on available media reporting and companies’ statements.

Portion of the Index:

Image Link (as of March 23, 2022)

Flad image: geralt via Pixabay

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