The Strategic Sourceror Offers Advice About Market Intelligence in the Sourcing Industry

Joe Payne has recently written a post on The Strategic Sourceror blog entitled, RANT: The Sad State of Supply Chain Market Intelligence. Many excellent points are made about the quality – or lack thereof – of market research offerings in the sourcing space. Here is Joe’s advice about selecting intelligence providers that offer authoritative, credible and helpful information: “When it comes to useful market intelligence in the sourcing industry, learn about the firms you are engaging and the conferences you go to. Where do their revenues come from? Who are their real customers – you or the suppliers you are looking to get information about? If you are engaging a supplier of customized market research, make sure you understand their methodology for collecting the data, and ask yourself how useful that data can be. Real time market intelligence isn’t made with magic, it takes real work and strategy. And a little common sense.”

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