Three Current Cultural Movements and How They May Affect Procurement

Next Level Purchasing’s Charles Dominick writes about three interesting cultural movements that are “driving tomorrow’s procurement trends.” Here they are:

  1. Supplier Pre-Payment. Following the crowdfunding trend, “supplier pre-payment has been increasingly used by buying oprganizations seeking innovation from small or new, but nimble and unique, suppliers who may have access to too little funding of their own to quickly ramp up their capacity to meet major procurement needs.”
  2. Digital Wallets. “If credit cards become obsolete and replaced by [popular] digital wallets, you will need to plan for how that will affect your organization’s P-card program.”
  3. Same-Sex Marriage. Proposed laws are being written “that would require government suppliers to offer benefits to the same sex domestic partners of their employees. Similar approaches are likely to be adopted by the private sector as well.”
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