14 Quotes on Knowledge Management Relevant to Procurement

Scott Wagers, writing for the eTRIKS (European Translational Information and Knowledge Management Services) blog, compiled quotes about knowledge management that were directly and indirectly relevant to translational research. With a nod to his work, here is my compilation of quotes relating (directly and indirectly) to procurement:

1. “Knowledge only has true value when it’s shared.”
 –Tony Geoghan

2. “Without an efficient knowledge management model in place, information that is critical to the current, ongoing, and future success of the supply chain may be jeopardized. In short, knowledge management is retrieving the right information, for the right people, at the right time.” –John Yuva

3. “Knowledge management is something many companies are sure they need, if only they knew what it was.” –Mary Lisbeth D’Amico

4. “Knowledge management will never work until corporations realize it’s not about how you capture knowledge but how you create and leverage it.” –Etienne Wenger

5. “Most Procurement executives are trying to accomplish more than ever before with fewer resources in an increasingly complex global marketplace. For Procurement to progress, solid and effective Knowledge Management Programs are needed to capture and share intellectual capital.” –John R. Evans

6. “Knowledge is the new capital, but it’s worthless unless it’s accessible, communicated, and enhanced.” –Hamilton Beazley

7. “Knowledge management is not a shrink-wrapped thing in a box, it’s a discipline.” –Scott Elliot

8. “But there is an internal supply chain risk that is beginning to percolate that will provide an impact on all of our organizations. That risk, born in the long-term economic turmoil we are finally crawling out of, is the loss of knowledge from those employees finally retiring or moving on to other jobs.” –Rich Weissman

9. “Too often, people think of knowledge management as a noun. They’re mistaken: KM is a verb, a way of getting work done.” –Jeff Angus

10. “Developing a knowledge sharing culture is a consequence of KM, not a prerequisite.”
 –Carla O’Dell

11. “Within the context of supply market intelligence, procurement must first master the discipline of documenting what they learn (knowledge management), so that they can successfully address the challenge of making those documents accessible and keeping them current for future use (content management). There is no need to run distinct efforts to manage knowledge and content. It is the common ground they share, the discipline of recording and maintaining information, which is the most important.” –Kelly Barner

12. “Connection, not collection: That’s the essence of knowledge management.” –Tom Stewart

13. “Knowledge management fails when people need common information but don’t need each other”
 –Andy Boyd

14. “Some people drink deeply from the fountain of knowledge. Others just gargle.” –Grant M Bright



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