Accenture Procures Procurian: HfS Analyzes

In a huge announcement today, Accenture acquired Procurian, a leading sourcing specialist. HfS Research’s post, “Accenture Procures Procurement’s Prize Property: Procurian,” states that this move “reinforces Accenture’s market leading position in procurement and sourcing and significantly alters the competitive landscape.” Here are six reasons, directly quoted, why this matters and why this is an important event in the development of the Procurement Outsourcing market:

1) Strengthens Accenture’s leading position in Procurement Outsourcing.

2) Removes a significant independent service provider and undermines Genpact’s and Capgemini’s procurement strategies.

3) Provides a broader technology suite for Accenture.

4) Brings greater scale to recent Procurian acquisitions.

5) Adds significant depth to Accenture’s broad finance and procurement multi-tower capability.

6) Moves another step towards Mike Salvino’s 6th Generation BPO vision for Procurement.

Click here for the entire post to read the full analysis and what to watch in the near future.

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