Clarivate Introduces Cortellis Supply Chain Network to Connect Buyers and Sellers in Pharma Supply Chains

Clarivate announced the launch of the Cortellis Supply Chain Network, a part of the Cortellis suite of life science intelligence solutions. “The solution supports generics companies, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturers, fine chemical manufacturers, excipient manufacturers, raw materials suppliers, and biopharma in their pursuit to maintain a steady supply chain — ultimately making therapies easily accessible to all patients. The Cortellis Supply Chain Network can connect more than 70K+ companies – buyers and sellers – with more data added by the expert research team and directly by users every day.” According to the press release: “Cortellis Supply Chain Network provides buyers and sellers with a secure marketplace that allows them to identify potential partners, connect with the right point of contact, and efficiently manage all steps, from quotation to finalizing the deal. With an increased demand for more accessible therapies, the network will enable industry players to build robust supply chains and identify alternate sources during unprecedented times.”

Cortellis is a highly regarded life sciences competitive intelligence information and analytics platform. The Cortellis Supply Chain Network will allow pharmaceutical sourcing professionals to:

  1. Identify suitable GMP pharmaceutical partners and make contact quickly​
  2. Standardize and streamline the request for proposal/quotation (RFP/RFQ) and quote process
  3. Sample API prices, receive multiple quotes and compare potential suppliers
  4. See updates and stay alerted to changes in partner capabilities, regulatory filings, inspections and FDA warning letters

Clarivate provides solutions focusing on scientific and academic research, patent analytics and regulatory standards, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, trademark protection, domain brand protection and intellectual property management. Clarivate owns brands that include Web of Science, Darts-ip, Derwent, CompuMark, MarkMonitor and Techstreet.

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