Cloud Service Level Agreements: Free Access Articles Offer Tips/Advice

According to a recent survey by North Bridge Venture Partners and Giga OM Research, cloud adoption continued to rise in 2013 – up from 67% last year. The value of cloud services SLAs (Service Level Agreements) is a topic very much in the IT news and literature. As an example, TechTarget’s Karen Goulart states in one of her posts, “If you want to make IT pros laugh, try suggesting that the importance of service-level agreements is overblown when it comes to cloud services.” IT Advisory Firms are publishing great fee-based reports but there are also excellent articles/posts from other sources that can help in understanding cloud SLAs. Below are links to articles, posts, and reports, that are free to access and come from a variety of quality sources including blogs, tech magazines, advocacy groups, and scholarly journals. This is not a comprehensive list, but gives a representation of what is available.

Cloud Standards Customer Council. Practical Guide To Cloud Service Level Agreements. April 2012.

Cloud Standards Customer Council. Public Cloud Service Agreements: What To Expect and What To Negotiate. March 2013.

Foley & Lardner. Cloud Computing: A Practical Framework For Managing Cloud Computing Risk (also published in Intellectual Property & Technology Law Journal). March 2013.

Leong, Lydia. Cloud IaaS SLAs Can Be Meaningless. Gartner blog post. Dec. 5, 2012.

Butler, Brandon. Five Tips For Making Your Cloud SLA Air-Tight. Network World. July 25, 2012.

Butler, Brandon. Nine Security Controls To Look For In Cloud ContractsNetwork World. Nov. 14, 2012.

Hon, W. Kuan, Christopher Millard and Ian Walden. Negotiating Cloud Contracts: Looking At Clouds From Both Sides Now. Stanford Technology Law Review. Fall 2012.

Rodrigues, Thoran. Anatomy of an SLA series. TechRepublic. Oct.-Nov. 2012. Anatomy of a Cloud Service SLA: Availability GuaranteesAnatomy of an SLA: Limitations on What Cloud Providers Will GuaranteeAnatomy of an SLA: Compensation When Things Go Wrong.

Parizo, Christine. Effective Cloud SLAs Should Cover QA, Uptime, Availability and More. TechTarget. June 2013.

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