Cloud Computing Adoption Trends

Louis Columbus (A Passion for Research blog) provides key take-aways from the third annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey conducted by North Bridge Venture Partners and Giga OM Research. The results reveal interesting insights regarding cloud computing adoption trends. There were over 850 respondents, representing business users, IT decision makers and cloud platform and application vendors (a third are C-level executives). Highlights include:

  • “Cloud adoption continued to rise in 2013, with 75%  of those surveyed reporting the use of some sort of cloud platform – up from 67% last year. That growth is consistent with forecasts from GigaOM Research, which expects the total worldwide addressable market for cloud computing to reach $158.8B by 2014, an increase of 126.5% from 2011.  The survey also shows significant growth is yet to come in SaaS adoption for business systems and IT management.”
  • “52% of organizations are using cloud-based applications to advance business priorities, compared with 36% that use applications that advance IT initiatives.”
  • “CRM, marketing (including marketing automation) social business & collaboration and file sharing cloud-based applications are in use by more than 50% of all organizations in the sample.”
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