Coface Launches New and Enhanced Credit Information Reports

On May 28, 2019, Coface announced it has launched “an array of new and enhanced credit information products under its Business Information Services line…These products provide businesses with critical information about the financial health of current and potential buyers and suppliers enabling them to make smarter decisions about their business partners.”

  • The full range of ratings and credit reports includes:
    Debtor Risk Assessments: One-time or monitored reports that indicate a company’s probability of default in the next 12 months;  assessed by considering that company’s financial strength, profitability, environmental factors and management of the company.
  • Full Information Reports: Comprehensive reports that provide in-depth analysis of an organization’s overall credit risk. Available for entities in over 200 countries and include detailed, real-time investigations.
  • Snapshot Information Reports: Standard information reports that include basic business information enhanced with Coface’s claims history. Available for entities in 62 countries around the world.
  • @Rating Credit Opinions: Analyses that offer recommended credit exposures for buyers expressed using Coface’s proprietary @rating credit scale. In addition, customized opinions can be provided based on specific buyer credit requests.

On October 28, 2018, Coface and Tradeshift announced a strategic partnership where they “are working together on combining their business ecosystems and expertise in order to co-develop innovative solutions to guide companies through the complexity of global trade and to protect them against the risk of non-payment. As a first step, Coface will make business information available through a Coface app integrated into the Tradeshift platform.”

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