Data-Rich FAO Launches Open Access for All Publications

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) recently announced that it is implementing an Open Access policy by applying a Creative Commons 3.0 IGO license to all eligible publications and documents published on its Web site. Even though FAO’s publications have been freely accessible via its online Document Repository since 1998, the new policy actively encourages and provides a framework for the broader use, reproduction and dissemination of its material. The new policy covers FAO publications and documents published in the FAO online Document Repository from now on. For earlier publications, original licensing conditions may apply.

FAO is an invaluable source for global food and agriculture statistical and supply data.

Price data and tools include:

Food Price Monitoring and Analysis Tool  – The FPMA tool contains monthly retail and wholesale prices, staple food commodities and selected markets.

FAO Food Price Index – The FAO Food Price Index is a measure of the monthly change in international prices of a basket of food commodities.

FAOSTAT – Comprehensive data on agricultural production and trade, including long time-series on agricultural resources, production, inputs, supply utilization and trade flows.

Short-term analyses and reports include:

Food Outlook – a biannual publication focusing on developments affecting global food and feed markets

Crop and Food Supply Assessment Reports – describe the food supply and agricultural situation in countries or sub-regions experiencing particular food supply difficulties

Global Food Price Monitor – reports on recent food price developments at world, regional and country level with a focus on developing countries

AMIS Market Monitor – provides a synopsis of major developments in international commodity markets, focusing on wheat, maize, rice and soybeans

Crop Prospects and Food Situation – focuses on developments affecting the food situation of developing countries and Low-Income Food-Deficit Countries (LIFDCs)

Food Price Monitoring and Analysis – latest information and analyses on domestic prices of basic foods and early warning on high food prices at country level

Oilcrops Monthly Price and Policy Update – reviews the development of international prices for oilseeds, oils and meals and spots recent policy and market events

FAO Rice Market Monitor – provides an analysis of the most recent developments in the global rice market, including a short-term outlook

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