D&B Supplier Risk Manager 2.0

Recently, at the ISM Annual International Supply Management Conference here in Las Vegas, I was able to view D&B’s Supplier Risk Manager 2.0 and its enhancements. D&B (Dun and Bradstreet) has historically been one of the main sources researchers look to for private company information.

The Supplier Risk Manager 2.0 solution allows you to certify, monitor and analyze suppliers. A subscription to this includes access to risk ratings, including the “Supplier Evaluation Risk” (SER) rating, which uses predictive analytics to assess the likelihood that a company will cease operations within the next twelve months. New enhancements to the product include a Profile page, which provides an overall risk review of a supplier; a Locator page, which provides specific search criteria for suppliers; a Competitors View, which allows you to see who a supplier is competing against; and Enhanced Corporate Linkage with a full family tree feature. The Alert tiles display all suppliers with red flags that indicate risks concerns. The Country Risk add-on provides data on 132 countries. The interface is uncluttered and very easy to read and use. It is definitely worth a closer look.


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