REDBOOKS for Marketing Supplier Discovery (Agency/Advertiser/Media)

Advertising REDBOOKS is an online database that provides detailed contact information for top marketing personnel and other strategic marketing data for top 25,000 major companies and advertising agencies. It has been an industry standard for over 100 years for anyone who needs intelligence on the advertising world or advertising agencies. It has a variety of users, including media companies, ad agencies, advertisers, ad tech companies, recruiters, job hunters, market researchers, public library patrons, college marketing students, and procurement professionals.

REDBOOKS is especially useful for Procurement as a discovery tool that allows for specific targeting of suppliers in the areas of advertising, marketing, brands, and media.

Ensuring the accuracy of the data is important to REDBOOKS and this is achieved by utilizing: 1) an in-house team (“the human element”) that qualifies and confirms, 2) proprietary relationships that have been developed with agencies and advertisers over the last 100 years and 3) technology that allows for gathering and filtering of a multitude of data sources.

When you log into the database, you land on the Dashboard page. There is a step-by-step search guide and scheduled webinars to help with getting started. You will start at the Company and Client search box. You can do a search by typing in the company name in the search bar. (Using the advanced search feature allows for designating specific fields to filter results.)

A powerful way to search is by browsing “All Agencies” or “All Advertisers.” For Agencies, you can filter by Specialty, Location and Company Size. The Specialty Filter is broken down via four categories: Media Focus, Target Market, Key Services and Customers. Each category is further broken down and you can select all options that apply. Sections in the Agency Company Profile include: Business Summary; Contact Information, including email address, title, and LinkedIn profile; Clients; TV/Prints Adds (that you can view); Market Specialization; Corporate Family; Social Media stats; and Associations.

When browsing “All Advertisers,” you can filter results by Media Spend, Industry, Location, Company Size and Revenue. Sections in the Advertising Company Profile include: Business Summary, Contact Information including email address, title, LinkedIn profile, and any news story associated with the contact; Agency Relationships; Annual Measure U.S. Spend by Media by Category and Advertiser; Media Usage – Unmeasured; Brands Owned; Corporate Family; Competitors; Print/TV Ads (you can view); Digital Ads; Social Media stats; and Industry Codes.

REDBOOKS, the online database, is updated every day, while the print version is updated quarterly. A paid subscription is required for access.

Thank you Eric Wolman for the demo and trial.

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