DHL GCI: “The World is Still More Connected Than at Almost Any Other Point in History”

DHL and NYU Stern School of Business released the 2019 update of the DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI), in December 2019, which highlights key developments in international flows of capital, trade, information, and people. According to the press release, the report “shows that shrinking international capital flows caused global connectedness to dip slightly in 2018. However, despite strong headwinds in global geopolitics and trade, the GCI stayed close to its record high of 2017. The world remains more connected than at almost any other point in history, with no signs of a broad reversal of globalization so far.”

The 2019 Index update is based on over 3.5 million data points on country-to-country-flows and provides deep coverage of the U.S.-China trading relationship including the sharp decline in U.S.-China trade.

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