Edx and Coursera Offering Free Cloud Computing Online Courses

Louis Columbus (A Passion for Research) reports that Coursera and edX are offering free online courses for cloud computing learning. “These programs are designed for C-level executives and senior managers to get up to speed quickly, often including guest CEOs of prominent software companies as part of the curriculum…. These programs have an entirely different set of learning objectives versus certifications.”

Here are the offerings:

  • Beginning on September 16 for free, Georgia Institute of Technology is partnering with Coursera, offering Health Informatics in the Cloud.
  • Partnering with EdX, University of California, Berkeley, is offering Software as a Service, CS169.2X, beginning August 13 for free. EdX is a Harvard/MIT partnership.
  • “Stanford University’s CS309A looks like one of the best being offered this fall, with five different CEO guest speakers including Hamish Brewer, JDA Software; Godfrey Sulliva, Splunk; Bob Beardon, Horton Works; and Aaron Levie, Box.net.”

Mr. Columbus also provides a comparison chart of cloud computing courses designed for C-level executives starting this this fall. Listings are for both fee and free.

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