Ten Trends Shaping Big Data and the Future of Business

InfoWorld.com in a recent post, written by Thor Olavsrud (CIO), shows via 10 trends, how “big data is slowly but surely changing the way companies do business.” Here are the 10 trends:

  1. Machine data and the Internet of Things takes center stage
  2. Compound applications that combine data sets to create value
  3. There’s an explosion of innovation built on open source big data tools
  4. Compound applications that combine data sets to create value
  5. Companies taking a proactive approach to identifying where big data can have an impact
  6. There are more actual production big data projects (test-bed projects have been the norm in the past)
  7. Large companies are increasingly turning to big data
  8. Most companies spend very little, a few spend a lot. “Tata Consultancy Services found that large companies undertaking big data initiatives are spending a median of $10 million. Twenty-five percent of companies spent less than $2.5 million on their initiatives in 2012.”
  9. Investments are geared toward generating and maintaining revenue
  10. The greatest ROI of big data is coming from the logistics and finance functions
  11. The biggest challenges are as much cultural as technological
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