Evalueserve Global Recovery Index Tracks COVID-19 Healthcare, Social, and Work Resumption Indicators

Evalueserve has launched the Evalueserve Global Recovery Index (EGRI) that tracks how economies around the world are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic using these three parameters: healthcare recovery, social recovery, and work resumption. The Index is comprised of three sections that show different views of data. The EGRi Snapshot view allows you to hover over a country to view its specific trend data as shown here for Sweden:

Source: EGRI, dated June 22, 2010

The EGRI Comparative Trend graph allows you to select countries and show comparative recovery trends for those countries in one graph. The Insights section provides ERI insights via an Executive summary for each week that details changes in rankings, such as countries that are leading, have the highest and lowest increases, and those at the bottom.

According to Marc Vollenweider, Evalueserve’s co-founder and chief strategist: “We created this index with the goal of providing a comprehensive and independent view of global recovery from COVID-19…Getting an accurate and unbiased view of the situation is critical for industry leaders, for both scenario planning as well as balancing customer focus.”

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

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