Getting Tactical With Meeting Intelligence (and Speech Transcription) for Supply and Competitive Intelligence Research

Meeting Intelligence solutions, in general, allow for content sharing and workflow streamlining for sales enablement. Considering that the “majority (83.13%) of employees spend up to one-third of their workweek in meetings” (Dialpad via Notta), this type of offering meets a critical need.

Another type of Meeting Intelligence emerging involves publicly available meeting content. There is a wealth of valuable information that can be gleaned from this type of content. For the purpose of this writing, publicly available meeting content refers to transcripts of meetings that are made available to the public, either by open access means (direct from government entity or public company) or purchased through a commercial platform or service.

For years, business researchers have utilized publicly available content that has been transcribed from speech/video. A good example of this is using quarterly and year-end investor conference call transcripts for obtaining information, not found elsewhere, for public company research. In this setting, CEOs and CFOs answer direct questions from analysts where more detail is provided for areas of interest, such as revenue breakdown and trends, strategy and roadmap initiatives, and the competitive market to name a few. AI has turboed innovation in this area with examples that include Verity’s GenAI Earnings Transcript Summaries,’s investor analysis solution and FactSet’s LLM capability for delivering enhanced summaries.

Similar, and just as valuable, are transcripts from podcasts and webinars that are made available to public audiences. Often valuable insights on startups and the innovative offerings they are introducing can be discovered, especially during CEO and founder interviews. Content is discovered more efficiently when transcripts and/or podcast show notes with associated time stamps are provided and can be quickly searched. As enjoyable as it is to listen to a full podcast episode it is challenging, timewise, when on a tight deadline.

For contract award information, one of the best resources to use is meeting minutes and agendas from government board meetings where technology acquisitions are discussed. Purchases for technology for public government entities, such as public school systems, local and state first responder agencies, and even federal agencies are of public interest and often closely scrutinized. In board meetings, justification and reasons for purchase/not purchasing from particular providers, vendor evaluation reports, and detailed price quotes are discussed and related meeting documents are made available. There are specific search techniques to use for finding this type of information but AI innovation in this area is growing as well. There was an interesting launch announcement in 2023 from government purchasing intelligence provider, GovSpend, on its new Meeting Intelligence solution. “At its core, Meeting Intelligence uses AI to transcribe public meetings across thousands of agencies. This creates a rich database of discussion and planning for customers to leverage for that pre-RFP insight that’s so hard to find.” They recently added access to meeting documents like agendas and minutes, making the solution even more comprehensive.

Image by Florian Pircher from Pixabay

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