Golden’s Impressive Mission to Fill Knowledge Gap for Emerging Technologies, New Startups and Ideas

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Initial View: Golden offers exciting possibilities for innovation intelligence, especially with startup supplier and competitive landscape discovery

CEO and founder Jude Gomila of Golden is a big fan of Wikipedia but laments that many brands have been deleted from the site because they “don’t reach the notability standard of the website,” noting that the “arbitrary threshold of what is notable and what is not doesn’t cut it in the knowledge age.” Golden is a new startup that allows for the contributing and sharing of neutral and open access data that reflects today’s age of “extreme niches” that we live in. Gomila, author of the site’s launch post (which is a great read), asks the question, “Special relativity was not notable to the general public the moment Einstein released his seminal paper, but certainly was later on — could this have been the kind of topic to be removed from the world’s canon if it was discovered today?”

Golden is self-described as a platform for processing and compiling comprehensive knowledge, with tools for frictionless editing, enhanced fact validation, transparent version histories and topic tracking, and claim verification.

Here are just a few of the many features Gomila introduces:

  • The editing feature has been designed for low barrier and easy entry
  • Citation tools are intended “to create more affordances around claim validation”
  • “AI suggestions” allows for improvements that can be made with simple “yes, no, or skip” options
  • Golden AI bot constantly crawls the web and finds and connects resources that are relevant to each entity page
  • Golden topic pages are free and open to the public to view, edit, or create entities
  • There are tools and services for companies and organizations, where paid users can “find specific information in more corporate-focused queries,” with the option for alerting and monitoring

Topic clusters that you can currently explore:

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Cell-Based and Plant-Based Meat
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biotechnology
  • Microbiome and Gut Health
  • Stem Cell Technology
  • Educational Technology

When you select a cluster, in the Overview section, there is a browsable contents sidebar that organizes and categorizes the data (search bar is constant). For example, under the topic cluster of Artificial Intelligence, there is an “Applications of AI,” category with multiple sup categories such as, Medical/Pharma, Image Recognition, Computer Vision, Art and Music Creation, and Human Motion Recognition, to name a few. Selecting the sub category “Industry/Factory Automation,” brings up company entries for Qsee, an AI company developing a platform for automating and improving quality control and NTWIST, an AI company specializing in industrial process monitoring and optimization. The possibilities for supplier discovery and competitive intelligence research are endless.

Upcoming clusters include Medical Food, Mycelium Technology, Biological Mapping Projects, Robotics, Venture Capital, Space industry, Clean Technology, Startup Fundamentals, and Financial Technology.

Golden has an exciting premise and will be fun to watch as its content evolves and populates over time.

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