Good News! Buyers Meeting Point Acquires MyPurchasingCenter

Buyers Meeting Point (BMP) has announced its acquisition of MyPurchasingCenter (MPC), a highly regarded source of news and information for procurement and supply management professionals. According to the press release:

Buyers Meeting Point will restore industry access to MyPurchasingCenter’s valuable content on categories such as MRO, logistics, and indirect spend and engage with the MyPurchasingCenter audience via social media. This acquisition will increase Buyers Meeting Point’s social media following and expand the volume of information already available via their blog. The move also preserves a credible and recognized brand with strong ties in the procurement community, one that dates back to 2011.


Procurement and supply chain professionals have many excellent sources from which to choose to help keep them current and knowledgeable. These sources include online/print publications, websites, networking communities, analysts, research providers, thought leaders, and professional organizations in the form of social media posts, reports, podcasts, blogs, webinars, written/streaming content, online discussions, and digital/live events. Professionals who relied on and valued the current and practical information provided by MyPurchasingCenter will welcome the restored and newly published content that will be edited by Kelly Barner, Owner and Managing Director, Buyers Meeting Point. MyPurchasingCenter was valued because the content was of exceptional quality, written by contributors who shared their expertise and it was provided freely for everyone to access. The content, though not necessarily lengthy and detailed, provided exactly what was needed whether it be commodity pricing forecasts, thought pieces, or best new books to read. Former MPC Editorial Director, Susan Avery brought her combined expertise in journalism and supply management to MPC from her years as Senior Editor for Purchasing magazine and

The acquisition is a prefect fit for Buyers Meeting Point and without doubt MPC is in very good hands with Kelly Barner at the helm. Kelly is widely considered to be one of the top thought leaders in procurement. There is no one else more qualified to successfully revive and move forward MPC’s content. I have written before about the incredible value of BMP: “Kelly Barner, with her keen and exceptionally knowledgeable eye, monitors, filters and highlights, through notes on webinars, articles, and other blogs [podcasts], the major themes and trends in which procurement and supply chain management professionals need to stay on top of, along with offering guest contributor articles.”

Concerning the acquisition and looking to the future, Susan Avery states it best in the press release, “Bringing together the content of MyPurchasingCenter with the valuable resources of Buyers Meeting Point creates the one source of news and information for procurement and supply chain professionals going forward.”

This acquisition cements BMP’s position as a top leader in the procurement intelligence awareness space and that is very good news.

Author note: Kelly Barner and I co-authored the book, Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals; Research, Process, and Resources, and currently maintain ProcureSearch, a continuously updated resource hub based on the book. Cottrill Research is a BMP partner organization.
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