Good to Know: SkyMinder for Accessing Supplier Financial Risk Information in Different Countries

Companies who secure needed products and materials at competitive costs through extended global supply chains face increased risks due to supplier financial health, geopolitical instability, natural disasters, capacity constraints, and reputational damage. In regards to gathering supply market intelligence, each potential source of risk requires a different approach. For assessing the financial risk of a supplier, the amount of information that can be found depends on what the company is required to report. In the U.S., specific filings are required for public companies, allowing for financial transparency. Private companies are more difficult to evaluate, as they are not required to release financial information. Searching for supplier financial health information in countries other than the U.S. creates a whole new set of challenges, because reporting requirements vary, at times drastically, country-to-country. The complexity only grows when you add the challenge of overcoming language barriers and determining the methodology used for original source statement information.

SkyMinder is a service that fills a critical need for this hard-to-find information. It provides one place to search, via a portal of 50 different databases, for credit information, financials, and profiles on millions of companies in 230 countries. SkyMinder aggregates and provides access to information from country-specific providers representing both developed and developing nations.

A sampling of the providers include:

Informa SA – credit and financial information on Spanish businesses

RIME Information Bureau LTD – regional market data source specialist in the Middle East, North Africa & Mediterranean

Sinotrust – credit reports and information on companies in China

Transworld Services SA – national and international credit reporting services, Chili

Byington Columbian – Colombian company business information

Cristal Credit – credit reports for companies based in North and South America, French speaking North African countries such as Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco as well as Caribbean islands such as Guadeloupe and Martinique

DTB Dis Ticaret Bilgi Merkezi – credit reports on companies in Turkey

ICAP Group – B2B service provider in Greece, business information and credit risk

CREDIT REPORT ® – commercial and credit information of companies in Latin American market

Graydon UK – database information provider in the UK and EU, specializing in credit risk management

Coface Central Europe – access to European databases, offers information on companies in countries of the Central Eastern European region

CRIF – detailed information on Italian companies

Sintesis Brasil – credit reporting and credit management, Brasil

Click here for the complete list.

SkyMinder is simple to navigate and the reports are easy to read. Two pricing options are offered. The first option is via a deposit account, where report costs are deducted from a predetermined account and the second option is pay as you go, with each report charged to a credit card.

SkyMinder is owned by CRIF and has had a presence in the U.S. since 2000. C3 Business Information is a distributor for SkyMinder in America.




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