Resource of the Week: YQ Matrix

Thierry Decocq, founder of YQ Purchasing, with the support of the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, initiated the development of the YQ Matrix in 2009. YQ Matrix makes available, at mostly no charge, global prices, indices, and sourcing graphs on almost any product or raw material. Sourcing graphs vary from the simple to the complex. There are existing sourcing and price graphs that you can view, or you can create your own. Free graphs include: Price Evolutions (position different price trends on one single graph and find your most reliable price trend line reference), Biggest Supply Market, Cheapest Supply Market, and Growth (emerging markets). Subscription-level graphs include Procurement Price Performance vs. Market, Procurement Value Performance vs. Your Peers, and Supplier’s Margins, to name a few. YQ Matrix tutorial videos are available on to help with creating charts, in addition to instruction manuals on the site. The “Web Prices on the Web” page provides a comprehensive and helpful list of links to other websites that publish raw material and prices free of charge.

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