Happy New Year 2019! Check Out These Additions to the Supply Market Intelligence Index Collection!

Cottrill Research has been curating the Supply Market Intelligence Index collection since 2014. Indices serve a useful purpose in supply market intelligent research as they provide data measurement benchmarks for price fluctuations, quantity and production of goods and services, worldwide economies, as well as indicating geopolitical, environmental, and supplier risk intensity. The collection is kept fresh by continuous weeding of old or irrelevant indices and the constant inclusion of new indices published or ones not previously discovered.

The Commodities category has been broken out to include the new categories of Agriculture, Plastics, and Metals. The current Commodities category contains indices that are comprehensive and cover multiple commodity categories. To get the most current data, click on the category and then click on the index listing to go directly to the live website/source. Most indices are open access, but a few are subscription only. You can access the collection at Cottrill Research’s Indices page, or via ProcureSearch hub.

New Additions (descriptions are mostly directly quoted from index provider sites):

Commodities – Comprehensive

SM Commodities Index – The new SM Commodities Index, launched in October 2018, is a partnership between Supply Management and IHS Markit. The index, comprehensive in nature, is updated on a monthly basis.

Country and Geopolitical Risk

Eurostat – European Economic Indicators – This set of eight indicators provides general economic information on the euro area, European Union and individual Member States, describing the economic and labour market situation as well as price developments.

The Inclusive Development Index – The Inclusive Development Index (World Economic Forum) is an annual assessment of 103 countries’ economic performance that measures how countries perform on eleven dimensions of economic progress in addition to GDP.

The Fragile States Index – The Fragile States Index (global) highlights pertinent vulnerabilities which contribute to the risk of state fragility and makes political risk assessment and early warning of conflict accessible to the public.

Freedom on the Net – Freedom on the Net measures the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that governments and non-state actors around the world restrict individuals’ rights online via obstacles rot access, limits on content, and violations of user rights.


The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index and Economic Indicators – The Consumer Confidence Index is a monthly report that details consumer attitudes and buying intentions, and leading, coincident, and lagging indexes signal peaks and troughs in the business cycle for major economies around the world.

Environmental Risk, Including Climate

Climate Change Variability/Vulnerability Index – The Climate Change Variability/Vulnerability Index, being developed by Resilinc and UMD Researchers, will identify which supply chains are prone to the worst parts of a 1.5- or 2-degree Celsius global rise in temperature.

Government Procurement

IDC Government Procurement Device Security Index – Based on the assessment of 130 requests for proposals in nine countries, the IDC Government Procurement Device Security Index determines the consideration given to security requirements in public sector procurement of PCs and printers (and print services). Note: Sponsored by HP.

The ScaleUp Public Procurement Index – This index matches information on UK scaleups with the Government’s contract award data, showing which contracts have been won by scaleup companies, and which authorities are most actively engaging with the scaleup ecosystem and where gaps exist.

Logistics and Transportation 

The Logistics Manager’s Index –  Supported by CSCMP, the Logistics Manager’s Index (LMI) is a joint project between researchers from Arizona State University, Colorado State University, University of Nevada, Reno, Rochester Institute of Technology and Rutgers University. The LMI covers these metrics: Inventory Levels, Inventory Costs, Warehousing Capacity, Warehousing Utilization, Warehousing Prices, Transportation Capacity, Transportation Utilization, and Transportation Prices.

Xeneta Shipping Index – The Xeneta Shipping Index is an index-based contract offering that provides a reference point for buying and selling containerized shipments worldwide.


The Higg Index – The Higg Index enables and encourages brands, retailers, and manufacturers to become transparent by communicating clear, comparable, and meaningful sustainability scores publicly.

Supplier Risk (Financial Health, Ethics, Sustainability, Social)

The Green Supply Chain (Corporate Information Transparency – CITI) Index – This index, provided by the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs, assesses brands’ environmental management of their supply chains in China. The CITI scores allow for benchmarking of industry leaders and enable consumers to make green choices based on brand performance.


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