HfS: Procurement As-a-Service in 2015

The June 21, 2015 Horses for Sources post entitled Procurement Makes Its Move to As-a-Service…. So Who’s Leading the Market? announces and provides highlights from the latest “HfS Procurement-as-a-Service Blueprint,” which “captures the transition of service providers into the As-a-Service Economy.” The graphic is available and interesting highlights (directly quoted) include:

“…partnerships between service providers born out of the transactional procurement market (e.g. TCS, Genpact, WNS) and those out of the technology (e.g. GEP) or strategic sourcing (e.g. Proxima, AT Kearney) are more prevalent in 2015 than they were back in 2013 as service providers construct end-to-end offerings to better compete with Accenture and IBM in particular.”

What matters today in procurement outsourcing:

  • [HfS] is seeing slowing growth
  • The nature of transactional procurement is changing
  • Sourcing and category management still in demand
  • Procurement technology and technology management has never been more important
  • Moving to As-a-Service

2015 Blueprint Winner’s Circle members who led in [their] evaluation of the criteria on Service Provider Execution and Innovation are: Accenture, Capgemini, (promotion) GEP, IBM, Infosys and Xchanging (promotion).

2015 High Performers include: Denali (new entrant), DSSI (new entrant), Genpact, Optimum Procurement (new entrant) and Proxima.

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