New Research Resources Added to Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals Book

An update to Part II, the resources section of Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals, is now available (WAV_Update_Comp_June_2015) and will be added to the J. Ross WAV Download Resource Center. My co-author, Kelly Barner, and I are committed to ensuring the book’s timeliness and quality by continuously updating the resources as stated in the methodology section of Part II in the book. An excerpt from the methodology is included at the end of this post.

The Country/Geopolitical Risk and Information Technology Chapters contain the most updates, in addition to the Supplier Research, Diligence, and Risk Monitoring Chapter, which includes a new category: Corporate Social Responsibility Resources.

The update is intended to be used as a supplement to the book. When consulting the reference resources in a particular chapter, use the update, which is easy to follow as the entries are organized by chapter, section and/or specific page number.

 A sampling of resources that have been added:

Buying Legal Council
Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Rundt’s Intelligence
CIPS Risk Index
The FM Global Resilience Index
The Global Climate Risk Index
Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation (JSCAN) (IACCM)
Foundation for Strategic Sourcing (F4SS)
The Forefront Group
Energy Intelligence
Pay Rate RangeFinder – Staffing Industry Analysts
The Kennedy Vanguard  – Kennedy Consulting Research and Advisory
Constellation Research
Nelson Hall
Ventana Research
IIAR’s “Tragic Quadrant”
The Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index
FTR (Freight Transportation Intelligence)
Amazon Business

Excerpt from Methodology:
Each entry in the following chapters was written with the dual purpose of describing the resource and providing details on how best to access the information it offers. Many times, key information is offered via special reports and studies that are published on a serial basis (e.g., monthly or annually). In an effort to provide succinct access to this information, navigation tips are offered. The authors make these suggestions with an understanding of the risk associated with providing information that may become quickly outdated. It is likely that after this book’s publication, there will be sources listed in Part II where a website’s design, content, or address will have been changed, upgraded, or enhanced. To address this issue, the authors are utilizing the Web Added Value (WAV)TM Download Resource Center offered by J. Ross Publishing for this book. Continuous updates on the resources listed, and new ones of value, will be maintained and presented at the publisher’s website. 

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