Indirect B2B Supplier Directory Is a Much Needed Resource

7312432_origEvery once in a while a new resource comes along that makes you wonder why it took so long for such an obvious tool to be conceptualized and realized. This is the case of the much-needed Indirect B2B Supplier Directory, recently introduced by The Institute for Supply Management of Silicon Valley (ISM-SV). The Directory is a supplier identification and sourcing tool for the global procurement community. Its mission “is to assist indirect sourcing organizations to identify spend category knowledgeable suppliers” and features suppliers that are diverse and sustainability minded.

To gain access to the Directory, you register for an account that allows for complementary access ( The Directory is designed for precision searching, which is important because its coverage includes 16 prime indirect spend categories and over 500 sub-categories of corporate spend.










The keyword search functionality identifies suppliers within: 1) prime spend categories and/or sub-categories areas of supplier expertise, 2) diversity type classifications, and 3) country and state locations. Links are also shown for each supplier website and social media sites with supplier contact detail.

To search the Directory, after logging in, select “Indirect Suppliers>Master ‘Search’ Database View” under “Directory Links.” At the Master Search Database View screen, hit the “Search” button located in the upper left corner. Search boxes will appear under the search fields. To find, for example, elevator repair services, type “elevator” in the “Sub_Category” search box, and “UK” in “Country_Offices” search box and hit search for results. When the results appear, a “View” button, located to the left of each supplier name, when clicked, shows all the detail for the supplier, including references to their social media sites, diversity, sustainability, infosecurity/cybersecurity, etc..

In addition to searching, you can browse suppliers via the various directory links, including prime & sub spend areas.

To be included in the Directory, indirect suppliers can be listed with a one-time donation of $99 or by becoming a featured sponsor of ISM Silicon Valley for a one-time donation of $500 USD.

In addition to supplier discovery, corporate spend analysis and supplier request for proposal (RFP) services are available as a professional value-add offering.

Contact: Indirect B2B Supplier Directory, [email protected], 1-408-638-9112, P.O. Box 32156, San Jose, CA 95152. If you would like more information, contact John Semanik at 1-408-638-9112 or email at [email protected].

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