Lexis Diligence in One Word: Comprehensive

It is hard not to be impressed with this product. Searching Diligence allows you to thoroughly investigate a current or potential supplier for any type of risk and/or financial health. Diligence provides access to key data needed by procurement professionals to make complete assessments. Accessing so many resources at one time sounds complicated but the well-designed interface allows for easy searching and navigation.

One of the most powerful resources is the global news archive. LexisNexis has always been strong in providing deep and comprehensive access to international, national, and regional news and trade publications and magazines. In Diligence there are 26,000 of these types of sources. You also have the ability to conduct a negative news search. Other important types of data that you tap into: sanctions and watchlists (over 800); international and national company information (400 databases); country risk information; legal history and ongoing litigation; public records; and biographies.

Enhancements to the product include Experian Commercial Credit Scores and the integration of Google maps into the Company Reports, D&B Global profiles and Experian databases. Perhaps the best feature is the report builder, which allows you to create a tailored report, selecting as you search, key documents you find of value. You can prioritize the documents any way desired. To ensure due diligence, all searches are time and date stamped, even if the searches produce zero results.

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